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Basil Jones Resort dock and huts, August, 2001.
Located on twelve acres in the Basil Jones area, one of these resorts, the Cabana Reef, (formerly the Basil Jones Resort and Club) is progressing, on and off. The resort, when finished, will be eligible to become an RCI timeshare affiliate and when we saw it in August 2001, they had built their dock and had eight of the proposed 60 Tikki Huts mostly finished, complete with thatched roofs. They were trying to schedule work on the common areas, the pool, bar, and restaurant. Having missed several scheduled opening deadlines, they had rescheduled to open October 1st, 2001. But due to financial problems and the project manager, Adam Chandler, disappearing, the project has been put on hold. Their website says they've secured a financial backer, BJ Holdings, so hopefully they will finish. I would just not count on a specific time - on Ambergris Caye "Island Time" is slow time, so finishing will go accordingly. On their website, occupancy is now being offered beginning in 2002. When in 2002, is the question. Go slow mon.


Basil Jones Beach Resort Just north of Cabana Reef and about 500 meters north of Nova Shrimp, is Basil Jones Beach Resort. Basil Jones Beach is a resort that sells lots in a planned subdivision. They have their dock, club house, and several small thatched cabanas built. According to their german website, the subdivision consists of 125 lots each 22.5 x 30 meters large.


Basil Jones Beach with dock missing from Keith?

There is also an area for the Beach Club manager and approximately 240 meters of beach front. The Beach Club is 80% finished and the main dock is also finished with exception of the T end's palm roof. Basil Jones Beach, according to the website is offering 35 of the 125 plots for a price of $16000 - $24000 US. They say a 900 square foot cabana costs between $30,000 US and $40,000 depending upon construction and configuration.


Narrow Point, Basil Jones. Just north of Basil Jones Beach is Triton Properties' North Basil Jones Beach subdivision, sound confusing? The Triton property is a 10 acre parcel of undeveloped beach front property with a proposed subdivision consisting of about 33 single family home sites. Triton is offering the parcel for sale as an entire unit at this time. As you continue north there are a couple of other homes , but nothing after Narrow Point (where the land gets closer to the reef) all the way past North Basil Jones and up to Rocky Point. At the north end tip of the island at Boca Bacalar Chico is the Palm Bay Club, also offered by Triton, where there are a couple of cabanas built at this time.


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