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Basil Jone Neighborhood Beach The area, we call our Basil Jones Neighborhood is actually at the northern most end of Basil Jones, just a little over 500 feet from where the Robles area begins. The lots in our Basil Jones subdivision are still covered with under growth and palm trees from the old plantation. The beaches are covered with Morning Glorys, grasses, beach burrs and about a foot of old seagrass mixed with flotsam and jetsam, nets, floats, and old rum bottles that have been washed in by the ocean over the years. The only way to have clean beaches on Ambergris Caye is to rake them regularly.


One hundred feet back fro marker. Behind, the back lots is a now mostly over grown cleared area that may be what's left of the road shown on the lot maps. It is about thirty feet wide and runs up to the edge of the mangroves.


Basil Jones eighty feet into the jungle from a property marker. Belize Electricity Limited is bringing power up from San Pedro and are said to be as far as Palmero Point, about five miles south of Basil Jones. They're advancing at about one mile per year, but everyone in the area uses various configurations of propane gas and solar energy and frequently have an emergency power generators. Water is obtained by well and cistern systems.


Basil Jones looking at Robles Point. Communications are provided by a stationary radio telephone site placed by Belize Telecommunications Company, BTL. Building supplies and equipment are brought in via barge to the Nova Shrimp dock. Access to San Pedro is still only available by boat, which is about a one hour trip. Of course a plane could always be chartered to the airstrip.


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