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Trail to Bercellon The walk down the road was pretty unremarkable, but it is wide and well maintained. After about a mile and a quarter we came into a clearing from which you could see the 1,800 foot Basil Jones airstrip, a wide buffer zone of mowed grass is maintained by Nova Shrimp. Before we got to the actual airstrip we cut off the road to the south and walked across the buffer zone and Sam found the mostly disguised entrance to a trail into the subtropical forest or jungle. When I say trail I mean that in the loosest terms, an animal or pig trail is more of what it is, at best.

Dino and Sam by the cave on way to Bercellon. By the time we were a few feet in the forest, we were completely soaked from the humidity and the mosquitoes were all about, but I had put Deet repellent on my clothes and Citronella on my face. Take it from me the Citronella doesn't work and they were swarming all around my face, I couldn't get the Deet out and applied fast enough, and had multiple bites on my face and hands, by the time I sprayed it on. The trail was lined with small trees and a variety of unusual plants and foliage, many of which could inflict pain or discomfort, we also kept our sunglasses on to protect our eyes from whipping branches. I'm not sure just how far we traveled, but in about fifteen minutes we came to a small cave. The cave is only a few feet deep and about ten plus feet wide, in a fairly low area and was quite damp. It is probable that the Maya utilized the cave, maybe for water. From the cave we traveled another ten or fifteen minutes losing the trail once or twice until we found the site.

Ruins at Bercellon As we struggled to keep on the trail, we almost didn't see the ruins, they just spring up out of the jungle. The mound is made of of hand hewn limestone rocks and is completely surrounded and over grown with underbrush and trees. It is hard to get a view of it from more than a few feet away, the jungle just swallows it up. We climbed up on top of the mound and pushed through the dense growth trying to see the scope of the temple. We had to watch out not to fall into the numerous holes dug by looters down into the mound.

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