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Dino measuring the Bercellon site. Eventually we were able to find the edges of the temple. From there we measured the mound, it was fifty-eight by fifty-five feet on the top level, assuming that the jungle and soil had covered up the base level. The height was at least six feet but we assumed that another couple of feet were below the ground.

Sam on top of Bercellon, measuring the mound. The limestone rocks are completely loose, just a stack or pile of rocks, all the original limestone based mortar, used in construction, having long since crumbled and washed away. The site to be better seen and explored needs to be cleared and excavated then its relationship to Ambergris Caye may be better understood.

Dino and Guinni by tree growing out top of Bercellon. From Bercellon we back tracked to the airstrip, then we walked west to the end of the airstrip and continued west into marshy jungle, Sam had brought his sixteen gauge shot gun and knew a watering hole where we might see a pig or deer. We didn't, but along the way we passed a tree with what appeared to be broken Ostrich sized eggs strewn underneath it. I looked around for the creatures that came from the eggs before noticing that they actually came from the tree which is known for its gourd like fruit.

Guinni by Gourd tree west of Basil Jones airstrip When we got to the watering hole there were no game animals, but if I had thought there were a lot of mosquitoes before, there were ten times as many here. Even Dino got out his mosquito mask and I noticed mosquitoes covering everyone's back as we were walking back out, to the airstrip.

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