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Returning from Bercellon Walking a little slower than when we went in, we made it back to the Nova pier having been away over three and a half hours, and now the sky was threatening to bust loose on us. I tucked my cameras inside the baggies and we hunkered down in the bottom of the boat as the rain poured down on us, all the way back. It stopped just as we got back to San Pedro.

A treeing growing out of the Bercellon ruins. The trip or expedition to Bercellon was long, hot, wet and strenuous and the ruins are just that - ruins. But still amongst the jungle and limestone you could sense the Maya's spiritual presence and it was worth the visit. But in order for Bercellon to be better understood and protected, the site is in desperate need of clearing, maybe then further exploration can be done. Also a trail into it from the airstrip will need to be made.

Rough map to Bercellon. Not to scale.

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