Be-Occe Ballers

Team #13  Be-Occe Ballers

"Don't hate the players, hate yourself for not being able to play the game."

Team since: 1999

Team Highlights: 2003 League Champs
2001 First Place Winners.

As a team we are the youngest, by far, in the league. Not to mention the best looking, but we won't even go there. We are a testosterone only team.... no YPH. We look forward to dominating this league for years to come.

Team Roster:
Terry Santos
Scott Mignone
Hector Esparza
John Castanho
John Smith
Derek Formalejo
Colin Simonson
Carlos Lopez

Team Captain: Terry Santos
Phone: 925-383-2042 (cell)

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Be Occe Ballers 2002 Be-Occe Ballers 2001 League Champs
Colleen of Erin Go Bocce presents Terry special award.