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The Basil Jones Maya Site



  The Maya and Bercellon
  The Bercellon Site
  Map to the Bercellon Site

The Maya Site at Basil Jones, known as Bercellon is relatively unknown and unexplored. Surrounded by jungle and completely over grown, Bercellon is one of the last potentially major Maya sites on Ambergris Caye, yet to be explored.

Rico on top of Bercellon

The Bercellon Maya Site

One of the things that attracted me to Belize was the Maya Civilization and their many temples. Then after becoming a future resident of the Basil Jones area of Ambergris Caye, I became quite interested in the Maya Site at Bercellon, not too far away. There was very little known about it, so when I visited the island in August, 2001, I was determined to find out more and explore it. This is a narrative of my expedition (trip) to the Bercellon Maya Site.

Boating to Bercellon with Sam and Dino. After asking around San Pedro, I eventually was put in touch with Secundino "Dino" Gonzalez Jr. and his friend Samuel "Sam" Gonzalez. Dino had been to Bercellon, a couple of times, but Sam was a hunter and often hunted for deer and wild pigs on North Ambergris Caye, especially the Basil Jones area, and Sam knew just where the Bercellon ruins were.

Guininni at the newer Nova Shrimp pier Arrangements were made and with an over cast sky I found myself boating up to North Ambergris Caye, with Dino, Sam, and a friend of Dino's, ten year old Guillermo "Guininni" Burgos. Dino had warned me to be prepared for mosquitoes, so I wore a long sleeve shirt and long pants and brought two types of repellent. I also brought two cameras, some plastic ziplock bags, just in case of rain, and a one hundred foot tape measure. The trip north took about fifty minutes until we docked at the newer Nova Shrimp concrete pier, by the road to the Basil Jones airstrip. From there we headed west down the one and one quarter mile sand and crushed coral road.

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