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Planting Coconut Trees

At Basil Jones and North Ambergris Caye



Planting a nice healthy Atlantic Tall coconut tree.  

Rico, Ralph and Jorge with coconut trees to plant.
It takes about ten years for a coconut palm tree to mature. Ten years will be just about right, that's when I plan on moving to Ambergris Caye. When I last visited Ambergris Caye in August 2001, I wanted to try and plant some palm trees up at North Basil Jones. There were numerous spots, where trees were gone due to hurricanes and Lethal yellowing.

Jorge hauls in more trees to plant But let's get on to planting Coconut Palms. Starting with the seed or coconut, Number one rule for selection of a healthy seed is it must have water inside it. Just shake it, if you can't hear the coconut water, it won't work. It doesn't matter if it's heavy, light or what ever, if it doesn't have liquid in it, it's dead. The water is needed for the tree's first few months of life.

Coconuts either with the husk on or off will work. Seeds can have the husk or be just the bare coconut, either will work. Another way to plant, is to move already sprouted seeds-trees. Depending on the season, you can often find newly sprouted trees and move them to where you want them. Just be careful not to break the taproot as you pull it out of the sand. Then when you are planting sprouted seeds, you'll have to dig a deeper hole to accommodate the taproot, but the advantage is you know it's alive and which way it'll grow.    On to next page

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