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Please note: The Bushong United Family Tree has been changed by RootsWeb and the information below is outdated.
For an explanation, please see the post, here.

Welcome to the Bushong United Family Tree, the Gold Standard for Bushong Genealogy

The three components of Family Genealogical Heritage;
  • The dates and facts of life
  • Their stories
  • Their photographs and or images.

There are three components to any family's genealogical heritage, the dates and facts of their lives, the stories, and the photographs. Putting these components together, in a relational system, creates a family tree and that's what the Bushong United Family Tree is. Only for now, those of the 17,000 plus individuals with images, have them associated else ware, because of the shear size alone. Below is some general information about what is available at RootsWeb, using their search engine, and about the Bushong United Family Tree.
Advanced Search screen
This is a screen print of the RootsWeb Advanced Search screen.
Fill in last name first, and one or two other fields and it will narrow the search down.
The Bushong United Family Tree is currently hosted on RootsWeb and they provide a good platform for this giant tree. There is a great Advanced Search feature, available from various pages in the Bushong United Project website. It allows a direct search of the entire Bushong United Family Tree database or GEDCOM.

False searches unfortunately occur from cached search engines such as Google, because the Individual ID numbers, assigned by GEDCOM software, are subject to change when a new individual is entered into the database and an updated GEDCOM is uploaded. For this reason, links to an individual's page are only good for a short period, and this is the reason Google often returns, a different individual, than it was supposed to. Sometimes using the "cached view" will return the correct search.

It should be noted, RootsWeb, has a living filter, for any individual born after 1930, and not marked deceased, RootsWeb will filter out their first name, date and place of birth, and any notes. All that will be displayed is "Living Bushong ". They do this to protect privacy, and the date was decided as 1930 because at the time, the 1930 census was available publicly. Unfortunately, they haven't updated that filter, now that the 1940 census is public. I'm sure they will, one of these days. But having the living individuals listed in the tree is still important, because the unpublished tree contains all the information. Besides, the Bushong Family Tree, is a living tree. Charting the living, though much more difficult, is still possible, especially with the many contributions of from families spanning the continent, who want to be a part of the tree. Currently there are more than 1700 living Bushong individuals and their wives, plus over 400 husbands of Bushong daughters, who are charted in the Tree.

This is the Individual Page, it lists all that is recorded about an individual. It also has their notes, which is where all their documentation is listed. Notice the Navigation Bar, across the page, it's discussed below.
In the tree and database, there are a few abbreviations and terms that need to be defined. When a first name includes *ANCI, it indicates an interest in additional research for ancestors of this individual. In other words, the parents are not known. When *vetting is included in the first name, it indicates, that this is a relatively new connection of relationship, and additional confirmation is desired. When the place includes of, as in of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, it means, an individual was noted there, one way or another, but they are not proven, for instance, to be born there, married there, or what ever the field is. Also, when brackets "<>" enclose the place, it means that place is assumed or suspected, but not proven. The term Cem. in the place of burial, means, there is some indication that they are buried there (often in their notes), but they haven't yet been found in or entered into the database. It may be obvious, but by searching for "ANCI" as a first name , for instance, will return all the individuals, who's ancestry is not known, or "vetting", will return those needing additional confirmation.

Enjoy and Happy Hunting!

The Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar offers eight different views and links,
  Index, Descendancy, Register, Pedigree, Ahnentafel, Download GEDCOM, Public Profile, Add Post-em.

Below are screen prints of some of the features found on the Navigation Bar.

The Descendancy View
The Descendancy View. If you look at Father Boschung's it lists the entire family. For this, you almost have to use your browser's Find feature to locate anyone. Still, it's interesting to see.


The Register View. Shows a person's Descendant Register, with all their vital records, by Generation

There are two different Pedigree Views, look for the link arrows,
to the right if a line continues back further.

This Pedigree View is better suited for pasting in plain text.

The Ahnentafel View. An ahnentafel, which is German for "ancestor table" is a genealogical numbering system for listing a person's direct ancestors in a fixed sequence of ascent. It is particularly useful in situations where one may be restricted to presenting a genealogy in plain text,
The Download View. If you have a GEDCOM based family tree and would like to download a portion of the Bushong United Tree, it is currently set for up to six generations in one download. But remember, the RootsWeb privacy filter will not give details of living individuals.

Bushong United is Copyright ©2017 by Rick Bushong any Commercial Use is Prohibited.
Non-commercial use is allowed with permission or if entire copyright is included.

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