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John Chester Bushong - cropped.
John Chester Bushong Photographer

Photographs and family papers, are such a valuable part of our heritage. We need to go out of our way to find, identify, publish, and unite them with their proper families. The photographer above understood. John Chester Bushong, became a photographer at an early age and one of his children, Polly Bushong became a photographer too. Hundreds of the old Bushongs, went out of their way and paid "good money" to have their likeness made, all so they might be remembered. They understood.

My grandfather got his first camera around the turn of the 20th century and he took a lot of pictures. He and I would sit together and look at his photo albums, and as we went through the photos, already decades old, he would tell me the names of everyone and their stories, none of which was written down.

So easily, the stories and photographs can be lost. It can happen in the course of a single generation, and it's all gone. The names, photographs, and family papers, just become forgotten and are separated from their families, or worse. Then many generations of priceless photographs, can disappear. The only way to protect them, for the ages, is to publish them. So now it's our turn to step-up and to go through our photos, to publish and pass on what we know to new generations. So, if you have, or know of, an old Bushong photograph that needs to be shared, please see Sharing Your History.

Rick Bushong

The Bushong United Photograph Album
The Largest Collection of Old Bushong Photographs in the World
A place for the entire first six generations
This photo album's goal is to catalog, collect, and preserve the Bushong photographic heritage. Presented in a verticle tree, with photographs and images, it illustrates the familial relationships between the first six generations of the two Bushong immigrants, Hans and Johann Nicholas. Like any photo album, it does not have full details of individuals or their families, but provides enough information, to find them in the Bushong United Family Tree, where a more complete history is documented. Please note, this is not a full family tree, but rather a family photo-tree, and branches without photographs are not yet expanded or completed.

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There are over 1000 Bushongs listed in this album and the extended albums (so far).
Currently 384 Bushongs have album pages, containing photographs or important documents.

The Faux Bushong Coat of Arms
Hans John Bushong III and Anna Maria Bushong
      1661-before 1733                      ca 1662-before 1733

A noted bushong 

First Bushongs in America
Swiss born
Contents: Baptismal record.

  Hans John Bushong IV and Barbara Bushong
A noted bushong 1731 Pennsylvania Immigrants.
Born: in Germany
Contents: warrant map, signature, Oath of Allegiance.  

  Johann Nicholas Bushong and Anna Magdalena Schaffner
                        1693- 1732                                  1698-1732
A noted bushong  1732 Pennsylvania Immigrants.
Born in Germany.
Contents: marriage record, passenger list, oath, signature.  

Chester Bushong's Studio in Texas 
A photographer    
with an 8x10" camera.   
A nice tintype.
Studio Photography 
in the 1860s.       
A Kodak Camera ad.
Studio photography in 1800s
A portrait of the dog.
A 4X5" Sheet Film Camera,     
also known as a Press Camera.   
A 19th Century Photographer.
The back of a photo   
from the John Sterling
Bushong Photo Studio
The Shultze 1908 Champion.
An 1877 photographer in London. 
With a 5x7" camera
A small portrait camera.
A 1902 portrait session.
From The Studio of   
H. Osterhaut,       
Middletown, New York.
John Chester Bushong
With an 11" X 14"   
view camera.       
“Rocky Mountain Joe” Sturtevant, in Boulder, Colorado.
Courtesy of Denver Public Library Western History Department
Jabez Hogg takes a portrait in 1843
Daguerreotype from Bokelberg Collection, Hamburg
The first Kodak Camera
in an 1888 advertisement.
Photographer circa 1890s.
Notice the top hat-     
just like Chester Bushong.
Woman photographer
in the 1890s.
Photographer in a bowler hat
With his camera.
Photographer with
a "Lewis Camera".
Photographer prepares
his camera.
Lady with small camera,
A tintype photographer.
Two lady photographers
A backyard         
woman photographer. 
Karl August Modeen
Charles Green         
holding and old camera. 
Jack Mord Photographer
South Dakota
Woman with a Kodak.   
With a 5x7 View Camera

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