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The Boschung and Bushong
DNA Projects

Updated: April 2, 2016

•  Project Administrator for Boschung Project: Rick Bushong
    Email the Boschung Project Administrator
•  Project Administrator for Bushong Project: Deceased
    Email the Bushong Project Administrator
•  Assistant Administrator for Bushong Project: not known.

There are two DNA projects that are of interest, one for the Boschung, Buschon, Buschi, and Bushey surname, and another for Bushong. Both are with Family Tree DNA, (FTDNA). Visit FTDNA here.

The Boschung DNA project, is brand new. Its goal is to identify all descendants of Boschung, and connect them with their surname variants. Though still unpopulated with any data or completed tests, the FTDNA Boschung project can be seen here. The project is currently seeking Y-DNA samples from men carrying the Buschi, Bushey, Buschon, and Boschung surname. A 37 marker test (recommended) lists at $169, but go occasionally on sale. For this project, they can be ordered from FTDNA, here. The Boschung project is using a targeted approach and already living descendants have been charted and identified for the Boschung and Bushey families. Efforts are currently underway to enlist them as DNA donors for the project, so check back for updates.

Then there's Bushong DNA project which began in 2011. It's a small project, currently with 14 participants, it had one initial success four years ago, proving the relationship of the immigrants, Hans John Bushong and Johann Nicholas Bushong. Since then the Bushong DNA project, has been limited by a non-analytical approach, testing anyone. The results, understandably provide only redundant DNA data, that except for ruling out some Bushong who acquired the surname from early adoption, has contributed nothing. What's worse, the Bushong administrator, has adopted and espouses a bigoted approach, that's only interested in one Bushong line, they call the "true blood Bushongs" or "blood Bushongs". Because of this, with a clear conscience it can't be recommended that any one expose themselves to such ignorance and bigotry. Possibly because of the negative reactions to their management, the administrator, Gloria Bushong, has announced she is quitting, but so far no one will take over the project and nothing has changed. It unfortunately can not be recommended. In addition, they have no internet presence and analysis is only available on the Bushong United website, and that is limited to what little is information is released. To read Bushong United's analysis of the Bushong DNA results, click here.

The FTDNA Bushong DNA results chart. Click to see full version at FTDNA. (opens in new tab)

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