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There are two DNA projects for the Boschung, Buschon, Bushon and Bushong surnames. Both are with Family Tree DNA, (FTDNA). Visit FTDNA here.

DNA for the Bushong family is pretty well established, and unless you suspect that your Bushong lineage may be different, then there is no reason to have it checked. The Boschung project is currently seeking Y-DNA samples from men carrying the Boschung surname. A 37 marker test is recommended. For this project, they can be ordered from FTDNA, here.

The Bushong DNA project began in 2011. It's a small project, currently with about 14 participants, it had an initial success some years ago, proving the relationship of the immigrants, Hans John Bushong and Johann Nicholas Bushong. Since their DNA is established it can be used for ruling out some Bushongs who acquired the surname from early adoption. To read Bushong United's analysis of the Bushong DNA results, click here.

The FTDNA Bushong DNA results chart. Click to see full version at FTDNA. (opens in new tab)

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