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The Reverend James Wesley Bushong and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Williams
The Reverend James Wesley Bushong, 1829-1897 and his wife,
Mary Elizabeth Williams,as the photo album was found.
    The Bushong Family Tree is incomplete and will always be incomplete, because it is a living tree. But every new detail and piece of information added, helps to fill in and refine the line. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, then that is a lot of to say about an individual, so photographs are every bit as important for Bushong heritage.

In the Bushong United Family Tree, here, aside from an individual's dates of birth, marriage, and death, there is so much that can be added. Obituaries, newspaper articles, and family stories. when found or provided, these are added to an individual's notes, in the tree and help enrich our understanding of our ancestors.

If you have additional photographs, information or corrections, please consider sharing them. After all, if your family line in the Bushong United Family Tree, is incomplete, then it just lessens your family in the largest Bushong Family Tree in the world.

As discussed elsewhere, the Bushong Family Tree, show only limited details for living individuals, born after 1930, but it is still important to share that information, too. In doing so, it will complete the master database for future generations.

The project has to be limited somewhat in a couple of areas. When it comes to images, there are a lot of Bushong ancestors and descendants, and image submissions are restricted to surnamed Bushongs and their immediate family, from the first six generations of American Bushong, starting with the immigrants. They are usually born before 1900. As such, send no images for those born after 1900. But if you're not sure contact me. Also, charting all the families of the Bushong daughters, as a rule, stops with the daughter and her husband. Their non-Bushong named descendants, if noted at all, are usually added to the notes of their mother's individual page to preserve the information.

James W. Bushong's son, William, known as WAT, was the owner
of the Bushong Publishing Company in Oregon.

If you have additions for the Bushong Family Tree, or have images, for the website, then click the link below.
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